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Working on the multiplayer code

After some thinking during the weekend I decided to redo the multiplayer code for Imperium a little bit. The previous code worked ok but it would have been a lot of work to design scenarios for that as it relied on predeployed troops on maps. I would have had to design a range of maps and select suitable troops for them as well as come up with a deployment. I already do that for all the single player campaign maps, but for multiplayer there should probably have been 20 maps or so, and that is a lot of work.

The new design relies on predesigned empty maps and the player selected and deploys the wanted forces. This means that I don’t need to worry too much about balancing as the players can buy any kind of troop setup they want. During setup one of the player decides on how large the battle should be and based on that a random map is selected and credits are given. A smaller battle gives a smaller map and less credits etc. I still need to create a set of empty maps, but that is a far smaller task than creating fully populated and balanced scenarios. As a small bonus I can also mirror the maps in both x and y directions, thus giving the players a bit more the play on. Could also rotate them 90 degrees, thus more or less creating totally new maps.

When the players select their forces they get given a number of credits and with those they can buy various formations. There are larger formations like regiments that contain a headquarter and a number of subordinate units as well as individual units. Larger formations are cheaper to buy compared to individual units. The force selection screen is shown below:

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 19.56.06

Of course I still need to add code for the actual deployment phase where the players position their troops on the map. I’ll do something simple and allow the players to put the units any way they want as long as they keep inside a deployment area.

Imperium: new machine guns in use

During the weekend I also added in a new weapon type to Imperium. This time something that resembles machine guns. The idea is to have smaller machine gun teams as support units for the main regiments. See a short video below where a few infantry units witness the firepower of two fully armed and operational machine gun teams.

I think these too may be a bit too powerful, but they really should be awesome weapons. In this case each MG team has 5 machine guns, I think that for real scenarios the teams ought to be smaller. They do however give scenario designers a nice extra something to make scenarios interesting to play.

The new weapons needed new particle effects. What better time to update to the new Particle Designer 2? The new version worked flawlessly (something which could not be said of the old 1.x version) and now allowed me to add in all particle systems into one project for easy editing and comparison as well as simple exporting. It was 35€ well spent.

New Imperium video

I added a new Youtube video about Imperium:

The video showcases the first version of the flamethrower weapon. I recently added weapon support to the game and it’s now possible to equip units with different types of weapons with little effort. This opens up for more varied scenarios where some units can have new and improved weapons or some can have old and outdated ones. The setting of the game is really mid 19th century, so technically flamethrowers were not available at that point in time. Fortunately Imperium uses a fictional setting with some nuances of steampunk, which in turn makes these weapons ok. I also added a machine gun which is similar to the early Gatling guns of the 19th century.

Still a bit to do before the new weapons are fully integrated. Mostly audio is missing as well as some particle effects.

I’m however quite happy with how things seem to work right now. A lot has been added this last month with countless of bugs ironed out and a lot of small features added. The Trello board used to keep track of all tasks is starting to look a bit less hopeless. 🙂

New site up and running

Our old site was taken offline some time ago due to some problems with it. It had not been updated for a while and a new site was badly needed. The new one is based on the Prana Pro WordPress template. It’s currently more or less an empty shell and the real content will be added as soon as possible.