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Imperium Scenario Editor

I’ve been working a bit on the scenario editor for Imperium. It’s been a bit of a mess so far as it started out as a really simple application and has gradually grown as I’ve added features to the main game and needed to be able to add the same features to the scenarios too. Ugly engineering and nothing I’m proud of. But it works and works quite well now that I cleaned up some of the worst stupidness in the UI. Currently it looks like this when editing a scenario:

Imperium scenario editor

Imperium scenario editor

You can do everything that needs to be set for a scenario in the editor. Some things are not yet as convenient as they could be and require a lot of clicking around, but the main thing is that you never need to hand edit the scenario data file. The editor is actually open source and can be found at The docs are a bit outdated of course. Below is a video showing the editor in use:

The main new thing apart from the UI cleanup and bug fixes is that you can now directly export a scenario to Imperium running on an iPad. The old way meant saving the scenario into the project resources, rebuilding and deploying to a device before testing. Very cumbersome and boring. Now you can just start the editor, load up the scenario you want, start Imperium and tap a button to load the scenario. The editor runs a simple server on a given port and Imperium asks for the IP of the system where the editor runs. Could not be much easier. 🙂 The video below shows how it works. In the video the iOS simulator is used as it’s more convenient when testing:

So far I’m actually quite happy with the editor. Now if I’d get to making all the scenarios that are needed, play test them properly and get them balanced. A huge task if ever there was one. Oh, and the AI is still dumb as a bucket of bricks. 🙂