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Beta testing, streaming and tutorials


The original tutorials for Imperium were not too great. Or specifically the third one was a bit buggy and it was easy to do something that confused the tutorial and messed up the progression. That tutorial has now been redone and it’s much less fragile and easier to play. The game will still require all three tutorials to be played through before allowing any online or campaign games to start. That’s just to make sure that all players have at least some form of grasp what the game is about before jumping into online battles without any idea how to play.

Streaming content

There has been a possibility to put updated content on the server and have the game download that when it starts up for quite a while. Now I however changed the system so that a lot of the real game content is always downloaded from the server instead of being shipped with the game. When starting up for the first time all scenarios, campaign data, AI data as well as all help files will be downloaded from the server and saved locally on the iPad. From then on each start will check if there is some updated data and download if available. This allows for trivial distribution of new scenarios, update old ones, tweak the AI and write new help documentation without having to do an App Store update. The server side resource system is also very simple to handle, so I see this as a very nice improvement.

Beta testing

As normal, if you want to play the game is it is now, get in touch and I’ll set up a TestFlight version for you. So far there have been absolutely no interest for any of the test versions I’ve released over the years. I assume that’s an indication that this type of game really isn’t interesting to anyone, or that Imperium simply looks boring or bad. I assume it’s the former.