Model Colors

Model Colors is a small iOS application for helping you keep track of your model colors. Have you ever ended up buying the wrong colors because you didn’t remember the exact code of the color you needed or forgot to get that pesky Dunkelgelb that you needed to finish that glorious tank you’re working on? If so, then Model Colors helps you keep track of the colors that you own and the colors that you need to buy. The application contains lists of all colors from a set of brands and you can browse these lists and mark the ones you already own and the ones you need to buy.

Currently the following brands are more or less completely represented:

  • Tamiya
  • Vallejo
  • Humbrol

More brands will be added in future versions.




The application is available for download for free from the App Store.


Creating the data files for the colors is tedious work scraping PDF files and HTML documents. If you are interested in contributing data files for your favorite brand please let me know. Adding a new brand is easy, I basically need a list of color names (like Dunkelgelb), a code used by the manufacturer (like XF-60) and a RGB value as HTML hex (like bda84d) and I can do the rest. At some point I’ll likely add other types of products too that are not simple colors, and then the application will also allow images to be used for each product (like weathering stuff).