Morale and fatigue

I’ve recently added a fair deal of features to Imperium and thus making it quite feature complete. In my opinion strategy game engines always need to handle fatigue and morale if it makes sense for the scale and game type. Until now Imperium hasn’t had neither. I’ve now added the first versions of both to the engine and it seems to be a good addition.


Fatigue is simply how tired the unit is. It is tiring to roam around a battlefield, possibly at a fast pace and always be doing things. Everything the unit now does will affect the fatigue by either increasing it or lowering it. A unit that stands idle will rest and a unit that does something else will gain fatigue. Some missions are more tiring than others, i.e. it’s much harder to assault than to stand still and fire. Even firing will make the unit tired eventually.

Currently there is a penalty that affects most things when the unit gets sufficiently tired. It’s a linear modifier which makes all activities a bit slower and less efficient.


Morale affects how well a unit performs in combat and when fired upon. A unit starts out with full morale and every time it takes casualties the morale drops a bit. Units slowly gain morale as time goes by, especially if they are in command control with their headquarter. A unit whose headquarter has been destroyed or which is simply too far away will lose morale faster and gain it slower.

When units take a heavy beating and the morale drops too much they will break and rout. Routing units are out of the game until they have retreated far enough and rallied. Rallying is faster if the headquarter is near. A unit that has just rallied will break easily again.


Needless to say both fatigue and morale introduce a lot of complexity into the engine and it’ll take a while to balance them properly. Hopefully I’ll be able to make the units react somewhat realistically and not create super units that never tire or which break immediately when fired upon. 🙂


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