Imperium is a realtime strategy game for the iPad. It is based in a fictional 19th century setting and puts the player in control of an army fighting in various battles.


  • real time battles with a easy to use touch interface
  • several unit types with distinct abilities
  • online battles against other human players
  • different weapon types
  • full fog of war
  • a fully vectorized map with realistic line of sight
  • free scenario editor as a separate desktop application
  • headquarters, morale, experience, fatigue etc

Development status

Imperium has been in development on and off for 4.5 years now. Currently it is in a state where online battles are expected to soon be in a fully working state. The single player campaign lacks a good AI player and content, but is otherwise also ready. Content in this case means various battles that are balanced and fun that will progressively become harder as the player gets deeper into the campaign. Help with making scenarios would of course be greatly appreciated!




Imperium will be released on the iTunes App Store some time in 2016-.


A zip file with all screenshots and logos can be downloaded here.



Please see the contact page for contact information.