Imperium: new machine guns in use

During the weekend I also added in a new weapon type to Imperium. This time something that resembles machine guns. The idea is to have smaller machine gun teams as support units for the main regiments. See a short video below where a few infantry units witness the firepower of two fully armed and operational machine gun teams.

I think these too may be a bit too powerful, but they really should be awesome weapons. In this case each MG team has 5 machine guns, I think that for real scenarios the teams ought to be smaller. They do however give scenario designers a nice extra something to make scenarios interesting to play.

The new weapons needed new particle effects. What better time to update to the new Particle Designer 2? The new version worked flawlessly (something which could not be said of the old 1.x version) and now allowed me to add in all particle systems into one project for easy editing and comparison as well as simple exporting. It was 35€ well spent.

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