Imperium now more or less feature complete

It seems that Imperium is now more or less feature. I’m looking at the Trello lists where all features, todo:s and bugs are listed and they are more or less empty right now. Of course there are some items left, but none of those are really too important. So it seems that there really isn’t too much new that needs to be added at least right now. There is obviously a lot of balancing and tweaking to be done, that all important “polish” that everyone raves about.

What now is needed is content such as scenarios and a narrative that holds it all together. This is not something I’m good at. In fact, I suck at making content that requires a creative imagination. 🙂 Of course, the scenario editor is still open source so anyone can help out. The scenarios are even easy to test on an iPad directly from the scenario editor. If you’re interested, get in touch and I’ll get you started.

Once there are 15-20 ok scenarios the game can be released. I do plan on adding more content later after release, but there must be a solid base set at release. Nobody wants to buy a game with 1h of play time.


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