New weapon

This is a minor post just to mention that there’s now a new weapon type in Imperium. It’s quite easy to add new weapon types, especially if they are similar to some old weapon type. The new one is a sniper rifle which basically is a normal rifle with a longer range and far better accuracy. Normal infantry shooting with normal rifles are not very accurate at all, they mostly shoot in the correct direction. The sniper rifles are meant to be used by small support units of a few men, not big formations. The role of all the support units is to provide specialized support to the bulk of the troops. The sniper units will join the other support units: mortars, machine gunners and flamethrowers.

In other news, there is not much other progress. I tried to improve the scenario selection screen with a new commissioned background, but it did not work out how I intended it. I’ll see what to do about that, but for now it sapped my motivation pretty badly and I can’t really be bothered to put in any serious effort.


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