Slow progress

Some real like issues have more or less prevented me from doing much on Imperium since the last update. I won’t have much time over this fall, but there has been some progress though and I’ll try my best to push out a new test version soon.

AI updates

The AI has seen a bit of an overhaul and now the foundations are looking very good. The rules that actually make the computer units do things will still need a lot of work, but everything needed to make those decisions is ready. The efficiency of the AI code is also improved and the AI calculations are now spread out more in order to avoid hiccups in the game when the AI is executed.


There is now a new weapon type: howitzers.  These are guns that can be used to do direct fire just like the other cannons but they can also be used to provide indirect fire just like the mortars. Their range is longer than that of the mortars, so howitzer units can be used to provide efficient fire support and attack units they can not see themselves.


Headquarters automatically rally units that have routed that are within their command control radius. Now the headquarters can also be given an explicit rally mission that has the headquarter focus on a particular own unit and makes it rally much faster.


The networking component will be PubNub. Originally Photon was to be used, but their Objective-C API is a real mess and very hard to use. It’s basically just a very low level set of calls without any documentation whatsoever apart from a badly designed example application. I wasted a lot of time with Photon in the past and during the summer while trying to get the new version to work. PubNub is much cleaner and the API is magnitudes easier to use. It has not yet proved itself to actually work in a realtime game context though, so we’ll see how it goes. The idea now is to see if the multiplayer could be added to version 1.0 after all.


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