Model Colors

Model Colors is an iOS application developed by D-Pointer Oy. 

Model Colors helps you keep track of your hobby model colors and projects. Have you ever ended up buying the wrong colors because you didn’t remember the exact code of the color you needed or forgot to get that pesky Dunkelgelb that you needed to finish that glorious tank you’re working on? If so, then Model Colors helps you keep track of the colors that you own and the colors that you need to buy. The application contains lists of all colors from most big brands and you can browse these lists and mark the ones you already own and the ones you need to buy.

The lists of your own colors and your shopping list can be easily shared via mail, iMessage etc.

If you mainly use some particular color types or individual colors you can set them as favorites and easily access them from the main menu.

You can check for colors that are similar to a certain color either via color standards like FS, RAL, RLM etc, or via industry standard CIE deltaE 2000 calculations.

Various colors can also be grouped together for quick access into custom color lists. You can keep the colors you normally use for US airplanes in one list and colors you use for fantasy miniatures in another, making them easy to find.

Information Collection and Use

Model Colors does not collect any personal information that can be used to identify users. It uses Apple’s “Sign in with Apple” which allows you to remain entirely anonymous and not share any information at all. Data you create is stored on a dedicated server as well as in your own iCloud drive.

No cookies or similar are used by the application. 

For internal troubleshooting and error handling some data is logged to an external server. The data contains nothing that can track or identify users and is only used to ensure any issues can be handled swiftly.

Data Sharing

No data is shared with external parties. The application does not show ads.


If you need help you can send an email to . You can also join our small Discord server using this invite link: The Discord is probably the best and fastest way to get help and/or request new colors or features.